Welcome to Transform Training with Anthony!

I train in La Jolla, primarily out of Iron Orr Fitness.  Whether you’re looking to burn some fat and lean up, build some muscle mass, shape that posterior, carve up those abs, or pump up the guns, I’m your guy.

I specialize in working with BEGINNERS and clients looking to drop body fat and build lean muscle.

I have experience in many fitness areas and approach them all through FITNESS, NUTRITION, and HABIT coaching.  Click the link below to check out Iron Orr Fitness.

Anthony Romero


I started my personal training business in Scottsdale, AZ in 2014 and have now (2017) relocated to San Diego, CA to continue doing what I love.

My specialty is working with clients looking to lose body fat/gain lean muscle through strength training and nutrition. Give me a call or text to book your free consultation and workout! 480.432.6229


The list of positives that exercise provides is endless.  From heart health to creating self confidence, the benefits of exercise are undeniable.


Nutrition is the key to changing body.  It holds much more importance than exercise and unfortunately is more difficult to adhere to.


While most of us realize that the keys to losing weight are to move more and eat less, it’s another thing altogether to put this plan into action on a consistent basis.